Congratulations to the 2018 Tropaia Awardees:

Spirit of Georgetown Award
Daniel Pino, PRCC

Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies
Outstanding Faculty Award: Christopher Shinn, Ph.D.
Outstanding Student Award: Caleb Haynes

Graduate Liberal Studies
Outstanding Faculty Award: Lauve Steenhuisen, Ph.D.
Outstanding Student Award: Patrick Quentmeyer, Master of Arts in Liberal Studies
Outstanding Student Award: Kari Thyne, Doctor of Liberal Studies

MPS in Journalism
Outstanding Faculty Award: Alan Bjerga
Outstanding Student Award: Emily Codik Moscoso

MPS in Public Relations & Corporate Communications
Outstanding Faculty Award: Jon Judah
Outstanding Student Award: Lily Da Huang

MPS in Sports Industry Management
Outstanding Faculty Award: Kathy Devine
Outstanding Student Award: Carel Roffiel

MPS in Real Estate
Outstanding Faculty Award: Thomas Michael Cardman
Outstanding Student Award: Gregory Auger III

MPS in Human Resources Management
Outstanding Faculty Award: Jacquelyn Bsharah, Ph.D.
Outstanding Student Award: Israa Garatli

MPS in Technology Management
Outstanding Faculty Award: Sarah McCue, Ph.D.
Outstanding Student Award: Brian Norville

MPS in Systems Engineering Management
Outstanding Faculty Award: Robert Pitsko, Ph.D.
Outstanding Student Award: Anne-Stewart Corno

MPS in Urban & Regional Planning
Outstanding Faculty Award: Ellen McCarthy
Outstanding Student Award: Patrick Revord

MPS in Global Hospitality Leadership
Outstanding Faculty Award: Robert Lannan, J.D.
Outstanding Student Award: Nelson Pimentel

MPS in Integrated Marketing Communications
Outstanding Faculty Award: Andrea Koslow
Outstanding Student Award: Vincent Cuellar

MPS in Project Management
Outstanding Faculty Award: Martin Reed, Ph.D.
Outstanding Student Award: Mary Leeb

EMPS in Program & Portfolio Management
Outstanding Faculty Award: Arthur Dong, J.D.
Outstanding Student Award: Jerome Thomas

MPS in Emergency & Disaster Management
Outstanding Faculty Award: Hannah Vick
Outstanding Student Award: Eirini Pitta

EMPS in Emergency & Disaster Management
Outstanding Faculty Award: David Kaufman
Outstanding Student Award: J.B. Cuartas

EMPS in Global Strategic Communications
Outstanding Faculty Award: Lisa Darr-Feldner
Outstanding Student Award: Norrine Brydon

MPS in Applied Intelligence
Outstanding Faculty Award: Jorhena Thomas

Dean’s Service Awards
Andrew Glass
LeNaya Hezel
Frederic Lemieux, Ph.D.
Mary Novak, J.D., M.A.P.S.
Jeremy Stanton

Please join us to celebrate their achievements at Tropaia:

When: Wednesday, May 16, 2018; 6 p.m.
Reception to follow.

Where: Gaston Hall, Georgetown University

What is Tropaia?

“Tropaia” essentially means Trophy and the Tropaia Ceremony is the event at which individual schools distribute awards. Each Dean’s office will inform students individually if they are receiving an award at this event.

The word Tropaia is ancient Greek and referred to a monument constructed to celebrate a military victory.

Tropaia is a celebratory event that honors outstanding students, faculty, staff, and alumni of the School of Continuing Studies. At this event, select community members are presented with the Outstanding Student Award, Outstanding Faculty Award, Dean’s Service Award, and the Spirit of Georgetown Award.