Diplomas & Transcripts

Georgetown Diploma

All Georgetown University graduates earn the official Georgetown diploma, written in Latin, and reflecting the history, tradition, and values of the University. A full translation of the diploma is provided upon graduation along with a traditional blue-and-gray ribbon (the Georgetown colors) and suggestions for matting and framing. The degrees offered through the School of Continuing Studies include: The Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies (Artium Baccalaureatum in Studiis Liberalibus); the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (Magistratum Artium in Studiis Liberalibus); the Doctor of Liberal Studies (Doctorem Studiorum Liberalium); and the Master of Professional Studies (Magistratum Professionalium Studiorum).

In case of damage to or loss of your original diploma, please visit the University Registrar’s site and complete the diploma replacement form.

Note to Summer and Fall Graduates:

Before diplomas can be ordered for summer and fall graduates, the Office of Academic Affairs & Compliance must certify that the applicants have completed the minimum requirements for their degree. This is a manual process that takes about two to three weeks from the posting of final grades. You can help ensure an efficient process by checking your transcript and making sure that you have no outstanding grades. If you find that you are missing a course grade, please contact the instructor of that course to encourage the timely recording of that final grade. Master or Arts in Liberal Studies and Doctor of Liberal Studies students are required to secure official thesis approval from their advisor, the Graduate Liberal Studies department, and the School.

Diplomas are distributed through the Office of Academic Affairs & Compliance. Summer and fall graduating students are contacted when their diploma is available with information on picking these up in person; spring graduates are able to pick up their diplomas following the May Commencement ceremony. If you do not pick up your diploma in-person, your diploma will be mailed to the address you provided on the electronic Application to Graduate. If no address was provided on the electronic Application to Graduate, your diploma will be mailed to the address stored in MyAccess. Diplomas for summer graduates usually are delivered by mid-November; diplomas for fall graduates usually are delivered by mid-March.


The transcript is the official University record of the work you completed here at Georgetown. After the Office of Academic Affairs & Compliance certifies the applicants’ graduation, they notify the Registrar’s Office and the awarding of the degree is posted officially. Transcripts for summer graduates are usually complete by mid-September; transcripts for fall graduates are usually complete by late January into early February (depending upon the recording of final grades). Students should request official transcripts through the Registrar’s Office to confirm the posting of their degree.

All students should contact the Office of Billing and Payment at  (202) 687-7100 or studentaccounts@georgetown.edu to ensure that they have settled their financial obligations. Financial holds prevent academic registration, the generation of official transcripts, and the issuance of diplomas and certificates.