Apply to Graduate in 2024

What is the difference between Graduation and Commencement? 

Graduation is the conferral of a degree as notated on a student’s academic record following the successful completion of all degree requirements. 

Commencement is the ceremonial event where students are recognized for their successful completion of their degree. Students may participate in the Commencement ceremony even if they have not yet finished all degree requirements. Please visit the “Am I Eligible to Participate?” tab for more information about Commencement eligibility. 

Applying to Graduate

Students who will complete all degree requirements this semester must apply to graduate. Applying to graduate and participating (walking) in the Commencement ceremony are two distinct activities, and students must have an application on file in order to be reviewed for degree conferral (graduation). If you will not complete your degree requirements this semester, but have questions about participating in the ceremony, see the “Am I Eligible to Participate?” tab. Please note that there is a separate form to complete in order to participate in the ceremony.

Applying to graduate is required for students who will complete all degree requirements this semester as it informs us of your degree progress, allows the preparation of your diploma, and gathers information that will appear in the official Commencement Book. Graduation is not automatic and students must submit a graduation application via MyAccess by the stated deadline in order to be reviewed. Application periods will be announced by the SCS Office of Academic Affairs & Compliance and in program communications each semester. Submission of an application does not guarantee approval or degree conferral.

For details on how to prepare to apply to graduate and instructions on how to access the application, please visit:

If you have questions about the successful completion of your degree requirements, please reach out to your academic program advisor. If you have any trouble accessing the graduation application, please contact the SCS Office of Academic Affairs & Compliance at