2024 Tropaia Award Ceremony

SCS Tropaia Ceremony

We are pleased to announce the recipients of this year’s Tropaia Awards, who collectively represent the excellence of our Georgetown SCS community. You may also explore the Tropaia Award Ceremony Program Book to learn more about each awardee.

We hope you will join us in honoring these outstanding faculty, students, staff, and alumni at the School’s 2024 Tropaia Ceremony on Tuesday, May 14 at 6:00 p.m. ET in historic Gaston Hall. A reception will immediately follow in Dahlgren Quadrangle.

This year’s awardees are:

Spirit of Georgetown Award

Mary Delaney Fox
MPS in Public Relations & Corporate Communications

Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies

Outstanding Faculty Award: Casey Catherine Moore, Ph.D.
Outstanding Student Award: Andrew B. Gross

Graduate Liberal Studies

Outstanding Faculty Award: Supriya Goswami, Ph.D.
Outstanding Student Award: Katherine Cassidy Hilts,
Master of Arts in Liberal Studies
Outstanding Student Award: Tahina L. Montoya,
Doctor of Liberal Studies

MPS in Journalism

Outstanding Faculty Award: Liz Spayd
Outstanding Student Award: Long Nguyen

MPS in Public Relations & Corporate Communications

Outstanding Faculty Award: Laura Wilson
Outstanding Student Award: Mary Delaney Fox

MPS in Sports Industry Management

Outstanding Faculty Award: Janice Hilliard, Ph.D.
Outstanding Student Award: Tyra Wilson

MPS in Real Estate

Outstanding Faculty Award: Felipe Ernst
Outstanding Student Award: Jarad Brendan (JB) Gough

MPS in Human Resources Management

Outstanding Faculty Award: Shonna Waters, Ph.D.
Outstanding Student Award: Jessica Wojcik

MPS in Technology Management

Outstanding Faculty Award: John Steitz, J.D.
Outstanding Student Award: Bevely Awuor

MPS in Urban & Regional Planning

Outstanding Faculty Award: Kenneth Joh, Ph.D.
Outstanding Student Award: Charlotte Dreizen

MPS in Integrated Marketing Communications

Outstanding Faculty Award: Tim Ito
Outstanding Student Award: Ankita Singh

MPS in Design Management & Communications

Outstanding Faculty Award: Brian Kupersmit
Outstanding Student Award: Ellie Marschinke

MPS in Project Management

Outstanding Faculty Award: Steven V. DelGrosso
Outstanding Student Award: Erin Koppel

MPS in Emergency & Disaster Management

Outstanding Faculty Award: Brad Kieserman, J.D.
Outstanding Student Award: Carolyn Turkaly

EMPS in Emergency & Disaster Management

Outstanding Faculty Award: Jeffrey Stern, Ph.D.
Outstanding Student Award: Paula N. Verden

 EMPS in International Emergency & Disaster Management

Outstanding Faculty Award: Hannah M. Vick, Ph.D.
Outstanding Student Capstone Impact Award: Malcolm Ford

MPS in Applied Intelligence

Outstanding Faculty Award: Donell Harvin, Dr.P.H.
Outstanding Student Award: Maya Fernandez-Powell

MPS in Cybersecurity Risk Management

Outstanding Faculty Award: Scott Rubin
Outstanding Student Award: Roxanna Barahona-Rozas

MPS in Higher Education Administration

Outstanding Faculty Award: Brad Phillips, Ed.D.
Outstanding Student Award: Mariam Lachin

MPS in Supply Chain Management

Outstanding Faculty Award: Rita Wells, Ph.D.
Outstanding Student Award: Carolyn Nice

Dean’s Service Awards

Marcel Bolintiam

Carolina Bonilla-Chernacov

Giles Crider

Dean’s Award for Faculty Excellence

Frederic Lemieux, Ph.D.